Here at Belly Flop, we aim to spread the message that every dog is capable of being a loving pet regardless of breed, be it a pedigree or a Singapore Special. Deep down inside they all yearn for the same thing- to love and to be loved.

We also want to emphasise that having a dog is a lifetime commitment. They aren’t just man’s best friend but also a family member. These cute little puppies will one day grow up and old as well. Just like humans, they can be struck with diseases such as arthritis and cancer too. Many people don’t expect this when their hearts get melted when they see the adorable little pup in the window.

Belly Flop is also a tribute to the dogs in our life. Through this we hope to honor their memory whether they are in heaven or still by our side. May they continue to live on in our hearts and let us strive to be that wonderful human our dogs think we are.

Meet The Pups!


 Singapore Special

10th March 2006

Baby has had a rocky start in life. Being in factory and experiencing culling at a young age has traumatized her greatly. As a result, Baby is extremely fearful of humans and retreats into her shell. She will hide under tables and chairs whenever a stranger approaches.


Simple activities such as going for a walk frightens her so much to the point that her walks would be only a minute long… or she would simply not go for walks at all. Baby takes a very long time to open up to humans but when she does, she turns into such a loving dog. Thankfully Baby has found a human who loves her and never gives up on her.  Baby is practically glued to her human so much than when her human is away, Baby has troubles sleeping and pines for her return. 

However, one thing that can get baby to come out of her shell- Birthday Celebrations. Whenever there’s a birthday celebration happening at home, Baby comes to life running up and down, wagging her tail so hard. She will just gravitate towards the table and wait for the cake, thinking it’s her birthday.


At the rate she’s been celebrating birthdays, she should be at least 50 years old now.


 Alaskan Malamute

16th April 2001

“If looks could kill, he would have died”- that’s Queenie for you. Like any old lady that is less tolerant of nonsense, all she has to do is stare and other dogs would run away with their tail between their legs. That being said, this Ice Queen does have a warm heart after all and loves having fun. She’s highly intelligent and always up to no good. Queenie is secretly a landscaper and has redecorated our garden, filling them with lots of holes in the ground and then lying in them to cool off in the hot afternoon sun. 
Queenie may be an Alaskan Malamute but deep inside she’s a cat. Unlike almost every other dog, she doesn’t like cuddles or belly rubs. Any rub longer than 2 minutes would annoy her. Only when she feels like it, she’ll be very sweet and will come close to give a little kiss. 
As Queenie aged, she was diagnosed with liver cancer, arthritis, dementia and has had multiple seizures in a month. Despite this she still continued to live till a ripe old age of 17 which is way beyond the lifespan of her breed. Indeed, she’s a cat on the inside with 9 lives.

Queenie is now in Heaven with Rocky. 



8th March 2000

Words like “sweet” and “gentle” aren’t exactly the first things that come to mind when you think about a Rottweiler especially given their unfortunate bad rep. Rocky, however, is one Rottweiler that is anything but ferocious. He is such an unusually sweet-natured Rotty that he is so gentle to dogs smaller than half his size and even young children. All you have to do is look past that intimidating demeanour that Rottweilers have, you’ll discover that Rocky is just a total sweetheart.


He loves to play and loves belly rubs. Rocky’s prized possessions are his tennis and golf balls, guarding them well. Like a true gentleman, Rocky would allow Queenie to have them whenever she snatched his toys away. Rocky was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer when he was 10. 

Rocky is now in Heaven, free of pain and having fun with Queenie.


 Singapore Special

September 2007

Lengzai and his 9 other siblings were found in a drain when they were 2 months old. The entire litter was put up for adoption and Lengzai was the last to be adopted because he was the naughtiest.


Thankfully someone was brave enough to take on this little rascal and brought him home, showering him with lots of love. Lengzai is all grown up now and has proven to be extremely intelligent and mischievous, bursting with boundless energy every single day.


“Lengzai” means “Handsome Boy” in cantonese and he was given this name because he is such a good-looking dog. His signature frowny look has captured the hearts of many. He definitely has been enjoying life and receiving so much of love that he has grown to be such a huge dog (even bigger than his siblings) that you’d suspect he is part Great Dane. Lengzai isn’t wasting his good looks and charming personality- he has an Instagram account! This guy certainly knows how to pose.


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